Building a Buyer Persona: How To and How Influential it can be

Being able to hone in on customers wants and needs is a big part of marketing and can be particularly influential to Internet marketing. A broad spectrum of your audience is the target market of whom you want to reach. A more complex and detailed description of who your audience may be is a buyer persona. According to Sam Kusinitz of Hubspot, a buyer persona is, “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.”

Essentially, a buyer persona is a stereotypical account of who your customers will be, and is obtained by using information from a few existing customers. Do not take the word “stereotypical” as a negative or derogatory term, because buyer personas provide incredible structure and comprehension to your business and can encourage decisions on where to implement time, development, and organization.

Buyer personas are not extremely specific but do gather information to implement by your company. For example, lets say your company sells power tools for construction companies; your buyer persona may look a little like this:

Buyer Persona

Name: Clarence the Construction Manager

Age: 48

Income: 65,000

Education: Bachelors Degree in Architecture

Work vs. Life: Works up to 65 hours in summer months and low as 40 in winter months


Seasonal Buying Pattern: Needing to be fully stocked on tools for summer months

Formal Budget Pattern: Budget based on project being held

Length of Buying Cycle: April-May high purchases to be stocked for summer projects

How does Clarence make buying choices? Safe and quality tools for his team

Content Information

What Information and Data Does Clarence Rely On? Safety standards, manuals, and catalogs

What Content do they prefer? Catalogs with visuals and in depth information


Budget, Clients, Bosses, Safety Standards, and Co-workers

Now that you have a buyer persona laid out in front of you, it is easy to start formulating ideas about how to market and be able to sell to Clarence. Although Clarence is a fictional character based off of information about several construction managers, he is a guide and influential personality to shed light on future business decisions for a power tool company that wants to market their product to construction companies.

Buyer personas are insightful, but remember that having multiple personas can be very influential as well. Also, always update your company’s personas to stay up to date and fresh for whom you are selling to.


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